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About Pronto Pilates

Welcome to Pronto Pilates, your ultimate destination for convenient and affordable Pilates classes. We offer a unique virtual experience of 40-minute fully led video reformer Pilates classes, all day, every day.

Classes All Day, Every Day

We understand that your schedule may be hectic, and finding time just for you can be a challenge. That’s why we offer classes that run all day, every day, starting from 5:15 am until late in the evening. Our classes start every 45 minutes, allowing you to easily find a time that fits into your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, we have a class available for you.

All Video-Led, No Live Instructors

At Pronto Pilates, we’ve revolutionised the way Pilates classes are delivered by offering 100% video-led sessions instead of live instructors. While traditional Pilates studios rely on the availability and consistency of live instructors, our approach means we pour hours into ensuring that a perfect class is delivered to you every time.

I’m loving Pronto Pilates. The video format is clear and well paced, making it easy to follow and keep up with. The studio is clean and looks great. Kat L.

Crystal Clear, Immersive Experience

One of the advantages of Pronto Pilates is the crystal clear and immersive experience you’ll enjoy during your class. Each move is expertly demonstrated on the screen, allowing you to follow along seamlessly. If you ever feel lost or fall behind, a quick glance at the screen will get you back on track. Each class provides clear instructions and visual cues, ensuring that you can move from one exercise to the next quickly & easily.

Our immersive audio technology ensures that you can always hear the instructor perfectly. Gone are the challenges of struggling to hear over loud music or other distractions commonly found in live classes.

Join Pronto Pilates Today

Say goodbye to the limitations of live classes and embrace the affordability & flexibility of virtual Pilates. Join us today and experience the future of Pilates at your fingertips.

Start your Pronto Pilates journey and discover a new way to achieve your fitness goals.


About Pronto Pilates