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Affordable ~ classes from just $5.

Convenient ~ 20+ Classes daily from 5:15am to 10:30pm.

Choose the “no lock-in” monthly plan that matches your lifestyle.

*Average $5/class. As low as $3.30/class for the “daily” enthusiast!


Frequently Asked Questions


First Timers

Do you offer trials?

Most people who want to try Pronto Pilates, choose our 5 class casual plan. It’s super affordable ($11 per class) and convenient with 23 classes daily from 5.15am till 10.30pm. No lock-in… pause or cancel any time. If you love it, simply stay on the casual plan or upgrade to the lifestyle or enthusiast plan and save!

I’ve never done Pilates before – is this for me?

We encourage beginners start with our orientation class and then book foundation classes until you build up your confidence and skill level.

What should I bring to my first class?

You will need grip socks for your safety and for class etiquette. They’re available for purchase at the studio using the Pronto app store. We suggest you wear form fitting athletic clothing and bring a reusable water bottle.

What fitness level do I need to join?

There’s no prescribed fitness level. We encourage you to show careful judgement about the intensity of Pilates exercises you can endure. If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss this with one of our qualified instructors. If you are new to Pilates, we encourage you to start with our orientation class.

Will there be Pronto Pilates staff at the studio?

Just like 24/7 gyms, we’ve created the studio to run on our member community and technology. This helps us keep costs down and pass these savings on to you. Of course, we have safety and security measures in place and if you ever need to reach out to speak to someone, we’ll be available for you. And if you’re new to Pilates, you can get started with our orientation classes to learn about the equipment and how classes work.

I am pregnant. Can I still attend classes?

Pregnant clients may participate up until 12 weeks. Due to the nature of the studio, our classes are not appropriate to attend beyond this milestone.

Can I bring my baby or child into the studio while I do a class?

No you cannot. Due to health & safety requirements, you are unable to bring your baby or child into the studio.

How old do I have to be to join?

Members must be 16 years or older.


Can I join online?

Yes, please view our membership plans above. Choose your plan and follow the prompts. You’ll receive a welcome email with directions to start booking classes.

Can I cancel or pause my membership?

Yes, if you’re on a monthly membership, you can cancel anytime ahead of the next billing date. Or pause your membership for any reason (for up to two months each membership year). Manage Your Membership here.

How often do I make membership payments?

Plan payments are monthly in advance.

Can I transfer my Pronto membership to another person?

For the safely and security of all members, we do not permit memberships to be transferred. Members must join individually.

Does my membership auto renew?

Yes, monthly memberships renew automatically. To pause or cancel your membership, you simply need to inform us 5 days ahead of your next billing date. Manage Your Membership here.

Can I switch membership plans?

Yes, switch between monthly plans with 5 days notice before your next billing date. Manage Your Membership here.

Class Bookings

How often should I book classes?

3 – 4 classes per week is optimal. For those with more ambitious fitness goals, 4+ classes per week will get you in great shape in no time!

What is your policy for booking cancellations and no-shows?

We understand that daily plans sometimes change. You can cancel any booked class two hours or more before the class without penalty. Inside of two hours or if you fail to show for the class, you will be charged a nominal $7 fee.

How far in advance can I book classes?

You can book classes up to three weeks in advance. So, if you have favourite class days and times, you can lock them in with confidence.

Can I attend multiple studios?

Studio roaming is an additional $10 p/month on the Casual and Lifestyle Membership. Roaming is included as part the Enthusiast membership.

Can I attend twice in one day?

You can use more than 1 class credit in a day. If you do attend the same style of class in one day, for example two Open Classes, the class flow will be same. These classes will then not appear again for the next 2 weeks.

How do I stop Apple Pay opening automatically when I access my studio?

You may notice that Apple Pay will sometimes activate when tapping your iPhone at a Kisi Reader. In order to prevent this issue from happening, please follow the instructions on this solution.

Pronto Pilates Affordable Membership Plans