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Video Production Manager (Part-Time Contract)

Pronto Pilates is an emerging fitness brand with new studios opening in Perth and nationally.

At Pronto, our mission is…

“Pilates for the People… affordable, all-day classes so now everyone can enjoy reformer Pilates!”

Backed by an established international marketing company with 100 team members serving thousands of clients worldwide.

As our Contract Production Manager, you’ll report to the CEO and assume responsibility for the finished production of class content.

Specific duties include:

pronto event with door sign

  • Manage the freelance team who are responsible for producing scripts, voice overs, and video edits.
  • Review and provide feedback on content throughout production stages.
  • Maintain content standards to ensure consistency across all classes in keeping with an agreed brand standard.
  • Manage the class schedule and deployment software for studio playback.

To secure an interview, you should possess the following experience:

  • Proficiency with video production workflow and related technologies to receive, review, and submit finished projects.
  • A disciplined approach around managing teams to deliver high quality, on time results.
  • Familiarity with Pilates is highly advantageous but not essential.

You will be assigned 2 – 3 new assignments/week, each of which comprise 45 minutes of Pilates exercise content.

This is a 6 month contract requiring an initial 10-15 hours/week for the three months (May – July), with hours expanding to 20-25 hours/week in the second 3 months (Aug – Oct).

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