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Studio Access Help & Hotline

If you’re at the studio and unable to open the door with the Kisi app, start by reviewing the help video and instructions below.

Alternatively, call our MAIN LINE on ‭‭1300 987 933 which is available Monday to Friday between 6am – 8pm Western Australia time.

For the safety and security of all members, we’ll ask you some simple member verification questions before remotely opening the door for you. Then, after your class, the Pronto team will contact you to troubleshoot your Kisi issues.

Have a great class!

The Pronto Team x

Quick Kisi Setup Video

Kisi Setup Instructions

As the studio is unstaffed, we use the Kisi app to enable you to both access the studio and check-in to your class.

To make sure it works for you (and you’re never locked out), please follow these setup steps.

(Note: if you have just signed up to a Pronto membership, please wait 1-hour before setting up Kisi.)  

1. If you haven’t already done so, download the Kisi app here:

app store

google play

2. Open the app and tap “Add Account”.

3. Enter your email (the one associated with your Pronto membership) and tap “Continue” and you’ll be prompted that a “Sign-In Link” has been emailed to you.

4. Open the email inbox on your phone (essential), look for an email from “Kisi” and click the link titled, “Pronto Pilates (domain: pronto)” and this will return you to the Kisi app.

5. Create your Kisi account by entering a password of your choice and then check the Terms and Conditions.

6. Tap “Create Account” and you’ll see a message confirming that your account has been created for Pronto Pilates.

7. Tap “Sign In” and then tap the lock icon that looks like this:

app store
8. Tap “Continue” and then, if prompted about location services, tap “Don’t Allow”.

9. Tap “Continue” for enable notifications.

10. Tap “Continue” on unlock without opening the app.

Well done, you’re all set!

Now, when you arrive at the studio, there’s no need to open the Kisi app.

Simply wave your mobile phone by the black sensor. A green light is activated and then push to open the door. (If this doesn’t work, open the Kisi app, tap the Pronto Pilates image and tap the lock icon while holding your phone near the black sensor.)

Any questions or feedback, please email:

PS. If you have an Apple watch, you can enable Kisi to open the door by waving your watch in front of the sensor.