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Regional Studio Operations Manager

Pronto Pilates is an emerging fitness brand with new studios opening in Perth and nationally.

At Pronto, our mission is…

“Pilates for the People… affordable, all-day classes so now everyone can enjoy reformer Pilates!”

Backed by an established international marketing company with 100 team members serving thousands of clients worldwide.

Our company culture is characterised by the “outward mindset”… to learn more, watch this this short 3-min video.

As the Operation Manager, you’ll report to the CEO and assume responsibility for the day-to-day operations and performance of all Perth-area studios.

Specific duties include:

pronto event with door sign

  • Working with our leadership team to plan and launch new Perth and Regional WA studios.
  • Leading the ongoing development of our studio operations manual to ensure quality, efficiency and consistency accross all studios.
  • Leading our use of studio technology to drive operational efficiency inc. our class booking system, studio access control and AI video security.
  • Leading our Member Relations and Studio Maintenance teams to ensure we’re serving Pronto members with excellence.
  • Working with our marketing team to coordinate local marketing initiatives.
  • Reporting on studio financial and operational performance.

To secure an interview, you should possess the following experience:

  • Operations leadership in a fast-changing service environment.
  • Advanced experience with CRMs and leading edge technologies. Confidence with tech is essential to your success.
  • Building and leading a team to deliver excellence.

This is a full time, flexible hours position. You’ll work remotely from the comfort of your home office and visit our studios and meet with local colleagues throughout the week.

Ready for a new career challenge?

Position Filled (stay tuned for new roles soon)