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How Reformer Pilates Boosts Core Strength and Improves Balance

how pilates boosts core strength and balance

Elevate Your Everyday with Pronto Pilates!

Whether you’re playing with your kids, carrying groceries, or just walking up the stairs, a strong core and good balance are essential. Regularly attending Pronto Pilates classes will enhance both!

Understanding Core Strength & Balance

Core strength isn’t solely about abdominal muscles; it’s a collaboration between your abdomen, lower back, and pelvis muscles that supports movement. Balance, on the other hand, is your ability to maintain body control, whether stationary or moving. These two are intertwined, significantly impacting your daily activities and athletic performance.

Boosting Balance

Pronto Pilates reformer classes feature a range of exercises, aimed to improve your balance. The moving carriage of the reformer bed introduces an element of instability, activating stabilising muscles and consequently improving balance and core stability. It can be challenging – but in a good way!

Mental Strength & Balance

Most people understand that regular exercise reduces stress levels, improves sleep, and elevates mood and fosters a sense of mental clarity and balance. Which is why at Pronto we make it affordable & convenient so you can actually make time for this important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Join Us and Fall in Love with Looking After Yourself!

Ready to embrace a balanced and empowered lifestyle?

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