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In a Workout Rut?

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Here’s How to Get Out of It

We’ve all been there – that burst of excitement and commitment to kickstart a new exercise routine, only to hit that slump after a few weeks. But guess what? There’s no need to worry!

Keeping that motivation alive for the long haul is totally doable.

We’re diving into three essential strategies that’ll have you sticking to your fitness goals and making exercise a seamless part of your life. Ready to dive in? Keep reading!

Start Small

The first step to staying motivated is setting meaningful and achievable lifestyle goals. Avoid generic objectives like “lose weight” or “get fit.” Instead, dig a little deeper and make it a little more specific. Is it to go for a 30 minute walk, 4 times per week or master a challenging Pilates move?

Remember, progress isn’t always measured by a number on a scale.

Mix It Up

Keeping things fresh, with just the right amount of challenge, is essential for long-term motivation. Incorporate variety into your workouts by trying different activities. One day, opt for a heart-pumping walk or jog, and the next, focus on strength training or flexibility through Reformer Pilates.

Find exercise activities you genuinely enjoy. When you enjoy what you’re doing, exercise becomes less of a chore and more of a source of pleasure.

Make Sure It’s Convenient

Your busy schedule filled with work, family commitments, and social engagements can leave little room for regular movement. So your workout routine needs to easily integrate into your daily life or you won’t stick with it. The more convenient your routine, the more consistent you can be, leading to better physical and mental well-being in the long run.

With these strategies in place, you’ll find the motivation to make exercise a lasting part of your lifestyle, so you can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits that come with it.

At Pronto our members love the fact that we’re open from 5:15 till 10:30pm every day. Which means you can come to a class before school drop-off, lunch time, later in the evening or anytime in between!

If you have a question, please contact us and we’ll respond to you, pronto!


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