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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know which membership plan is best for me?
Depending on your health and fitness goals, and the class frequency you’re looking for, we have you covered with our three plans. Our most popular plan is Pronto Silver, which suits the majority of our member’s lifestyles. We also provide our members with the ability to switch plans and upgrade or downgrade, if you change your mind.

Can I cancel or pause my membership?

Yes, if you’re on a monthly membership, you can cancel by notifying us 5 days ahead of the next billing date via our contact form. Or pause your membership for any reason (for up to two months each calendar year).

Do my monthly credits roll over each month if unused?

Your monthly credits do not roll over if unused. Our members find this encourages them to maintain a consistent routine. If you are aware that you are unable to attend for a period, you can choose to pause your membership.

Class Bookings

How do I book a class?

Download the Pronto App, in the app tap “timetable” and here you book your class/es. Note: if you are new to Reformer Pilates, start with our orientation class. We allow bookings 3 weeks in advance. A credit is subtracted each time you book a class, but if you end up cancelling your class, the credit will be auto-reloaded back onto your account.

How do I check in to my class?

You use your Kisi app on your smartphone (or watch) to enable you to both access the studio and check in to your class. No need to open the app, simply wave your mobile phone near the black sensor pad by the door. It is important to do this every time you arrive for your class, even if someone is holding the door open, so we know you have attended.

What is your policy for booking cancellations and no-shows?

We understand that daily plans sometimes change. You can cancel any booked class one hour or more before the class without penalty. Inside of one hour or if you fail to show for the class, you will be charged a nominal $7 fee.


Can I bring a friend?

For safety reasons and legal purposes, we are not able to share credits with friends. However, we do offer our Bronze membership as our “trial pack” and friends/ family members can choose to cancel their plan before the end of the month if they find it is not for them! Ask us for a unique promo code to get your friends and family started.

Do I need to wear grip socks?

Yes, at Pronto Pilates, safety and cleanliness are a top priority. Grip socks not only are essential for hygiene purposes but also allow you to perform all safely and accurately. We ask that you do not wear trainers as this can damage the vinyl padding.

I was referred by a friend, how do I get started?

Welcome! You will need to sign up for one of our membership options (Bronze, Silver or Gold) for you to be able to access your 3 complimentary credits (that never expire). We also thank your friend by giving them 3 complimentary classes as well! Once you have a membership on your account, you can easily start booking your classes via the Pronto app.


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