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Reformer Pilates Studios in Brisbane

Welcome Pronto Pilates, offering affordable, convenient and high quality reformer Pilates in Brisbane.

With two studios to choose from, our community comprises a diverse group of Pilates enthusiasts.

Class Timetables to Suit Your Lifestyle

Balancing a busy schedule can make dedicating time for yourself challenging. That’s why we’ve designed a flexible class schedule available from the early morning at 5:15 am until late every day, ensuring there’s always a convenient time for you. Classes are scheduled every 45 minutes, making it easier to integrate Pilates into your busy life, whether you’re an early bird or prefer winding down with an evening session.

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Revolutionising Pilates with Video-Led Sessions

At Pronto Pilates, we’re transforming the Pilates experience by introducing exclusively video-led classes, eliminating the dependence on live instructors. This innovative approach allows us to dedicate significant time to crafting each class meticulously, ensuring a consistent, high-quality experience every time you join us.

Crystal Clear Class Experience

Experience a crystal clear class environment at Pronto Pilates. Every movement is demonstrated with clarity on screen, making it easy for you to follow along and stay engaged. Should you need guidance, a simple glance at the screen will help you align your movements. The classes are structured with clear instructions facilitating a smooth flow from one exercise to the next.

Our advanced audio technology ensures impeccable sound quality, addressing the challenges of auditory disturbances often encountered in live classes, allowing you to focus and fully immerse yourself in the Pilates experience.

Join Pronto Pilates Today

Say goodbye to the limitations of live classes and embrace the affordability & flexibility of reformer Pilates in Brisbane.


Pronto Pilates locations in Brisbane | 0426 378 677