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Women doing pilates

Reformer Pilates Studios in Perth

Welcome to Pronto Pilates, Perth’s hub for affordable and convenient group reformer classes.

Choose from our four prime locations.

Class Times Tailored for Your Routine

We understand that juggling daily tasks can often leave little room for personal time. This is why we’ve crafted a dynamic class timetable starting as early as 5:15 am and extending late into the evening, ensuring there’s always a slot that fits your schedule. With classes set every 45 minutes, you can effortlessly weave Pilates into your day, be it kickstarting your morning or capping off your evening.

Pioneering Video-Guided Pilates Sessions

At Pronto Pilates, we’re reshaping the traditional Pilates session. Instead of live trainers, we feature high-quality video-led classes. This fresh approach empowers us to pour immense dedication into every class, promising you an unmatched, consistent quality each time you step in.

Pilates studioImpeccable Class Clarity

Step into a session at Pronto Pilates and immerse yourself in our crystal clear instructional environment. Each move is clearly demonstrated on screen, making your follow-along journey straightforward and engaging. If ever in doubt, a quick peek at our display will help refine your posture. Our classes are streamlined with clear directions, ensuring a seamless transition between exercises.

Coupled with state-of-the-art audio technology, you’ll never have to deal with the sound hiccups typically found in live sessions. Dive deep into the serene Pilates atmosphere without distractions.

Embrace the Future with Pronto Pilates

Transition from the constraints of traditional sessions and savor the cost-effective versatility of Perth’s most affordable reformer Pilates.


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