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Everything You Need to Know About Our New North Lakes Studio

Woman wincing in pain from eating ice cream.We are now less than 1 month away from opening our first Queensland studio location.
To say we’re pumped is an understatement!

Over 300 North Lakes community members have pre-registered and you’ve got some questions about our unique approach to Reformer Pilates.

What’s your timetable like?

Choose from 20+ classes daily, starting from 5:15 am. The last class of the day starts at 9:45pm.

Throughout the day we offer a range of class styles. Our Orientation class is the perfect place to start if you’ve never tried reformer pilates before. Our Foundation class helps you grow in confidence and our Open classes have a strong focus on strength and conditioning. You can take a look at our Perth studio timetables to give you an idea.

How many reformers are there?

Each studio location is different in size. At our North Lakes location, there will be 12 Allegro Reformers and props for each reformer.

How much does it cost?

Compared to traditional Pilates studios, our virtual classes are significantly more affordable while still providing a great level of expertise and guidance. We believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, and our pricing reflects that commitment.

  • Casual Plan $55 p/mo (5 class credits for the month)
  • Lifestyle Plan $77 p/mo (11 class credits for the month)
  • Enthusiast Plan $99 p/mo (30 class credits for the month)

How long am I locked in for with your plans?

You’re not! Just give us 5 days notice and we can organise a pause or cancellation for you.

Do I need a membership or can I pay per class?

For the safety and security of all members, a membership is required to access the studio.

Is this suitable for plus sized people?

Yes! We’re passionate about sharing the Pilates lifestyle with as many people as possible. Reformer Pilates is a complete, life-transforming exercise style designed to help you improve muscle tone, core strength, posture, flexibility, balance, endurance and energy.

Can men join too?

Absolutely! In fact, our first member to reach 100 classes was a man who had never done Pilates before and got hooked!

Are all classes video led?

Yes. At Pronto Pilates, we’ve revolutionised the way Pilates classes are delivered by offering video-led sessions instead of live instructors. While traditional Pilates studios rely on the availability and consistency of live instructors, our approach means we pour hours into ensuring that a perfect class is delivered every time.

Each exercise is expertly demonstrated on the screen, allowing you to follow along seamlessly. If you ever feel lost or fall behind, a quick glance at the screen will get you back on track. Our instructors provide clear instructions and visual cues, ensuring that you can perform each movement correctly and effectively.

Our immersive audio technology ensures that you can always hear the instructor perfectly. Gone are the challenges of struggling to hear over loud music or other distractions commonly found in live classes. With Pronto Pilates, you can focus solely on your workout and the guidance of our instructor.

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